Small Town Scowls

You wanna know the beautiful thing about living in a small town?
Too bad. There’s not one.

Just kidding…
Sort of.

No, in all seriousness, I love where we live. I love the neighborhood, I love the people in the tiny town of barely less than one hundred, I love the school my kid goes to, I love almost everything about the area. Minus one thing.
The people.
Nope. Scratch that.
How about… “some” of the people.
According to this group of people, what I do is either A) A waste of time, B) Icky or Scandalous, or C) A dream that’s getting me nowhere and they shouldn’t waste their time reading my books.
Well, it’s time for me to address these people.
A) To all the people who think I’m wasting my time,
Guess what? I’m not. This is the career I’ve chosen. This is what I went to college to do. Did I actually finish my degree? No, but I got pretty damn close before life decided it had other plans for me. It’s my passion. It’s what I love doing. It’s something that makes me happy. That in itself should be enough. But is it enough to keep you from rolling your eyes when I tell you I’m an author? No. Because you’re a dumbass.
B) To the idiots who think I’m a scandalous “porn author”,
Seriously, I am sick and freaking tired of hearing the question, “So, are you, like, trying to be the next E.L. James or something?”
Guess what, idiot? Being an author doesn’t automatically group me in the same class as the BDSM queen who is dominating the charts. And why do you want to know what I thought of Fifty Shades of Grey? Like that has absolutely anything to do with my chosen profession? No. It doesn’t. Did I read it? Of course I did, because… well, just because. Does the fact that both Erica and I both know where all the letters on a keyboard are located mean we’re one in the same? No. So quit trying to ask me if I write smut. (And for your information, I DO write smut. Just not under my real name. And no, I’m not going to tell you my pen name. Otherwise, there would be no reason for me to have the damn thing!)
C) To people who think I’m going nowhere,
Chances are, you know someone who has my book on their kindle or owns a paperback copy. Am I famous? Hell no. Am I well known? Not really. Am I established? Uh, yeah, actually. I’m getting there. At the very least, 4,000 kindles in the world have one of my books on them. Is that a lot in the book market? Sadly, no. Is it more books than you’ve sold?…….. Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Point of this post?
Eh, there’s really not one.
I just felt like getting all that off my chest, and since this is my blog, I figured why the hell not?
That’s it for now.
Stay classy, ladies.


One thought on “Small Town Scowls

  1. So I’m going to be blunt..
    Fuck em.
    As much as I love that area, I enjoy just visiting. Up here, I don’t know many people and that’s a good and bad thing .
    My thought though, to those who think you write BDSM or whatever, they know they’ve read it. Or have wanted to read it.
    Your books are awesome. Don’t ever let anyone get you down!


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