Review: One Immortal

It will be October in a few hours and you know what that means…
Excuse the excitement. I just f’n LOVE this time of year. Halloween is by far my favorite holiday and I love everything about it.
I know a lot of readers will want to get in the spirit with a few paranormal/supernatural reads, and I have one that is an absolute MUST! For real, add this puppy to your TBR list right NOW!!!

One Immortal by Tia Louise

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My Review:

The One to Hold series has always been a favorite of mine, but now that I’ve read One Immortal, I have a whole new respect for Tia Louise. This book literally had everything. Wit. Snark. Sensuality. Hunger. Rage. Fear. Determination. Love. Lust. I could go on and on… but take all that, wrap it in a supernatural blanket, and drop it right in the middle of the Big Easy and you’ve got One Immortal.

The detailed way this story is laid out just blew me away. You don’t feel like you’re reading about a place. You feel like you’re THERE. The sights, the sounds, the smells, the people, the streets, the weather- everything is 100% spot on.

Now, if you’re a loyal reader of Tia’s, you already know Derek, Melissa, and the gang. This paranormal retelling gave us fans something different to drool over and it was a bit of a heart squeeze to revisit ‘the beginning’ in a fun genre-switch. However, if you haven’t heard of Tia’s One to Hold series, this is an interesting way to meet this amazing little crew.

Tia is a boss when it comes to writing romance. The heat between Melissa and Derek is so powerful, so electric, so consuming that you’ll be panting as you’re flipping pages. I read a lot of romance (for real though… a freaking lot) and the One to Hold series definitely stands out. It will always be one I come back to over and over again.

Since this was a paranormal retelling of a book I’d already read, I figured I knew exactly how everything would work. Holy hell was I ever wrong… Even if you’re a die-hard Tia reader like me, this one will take you by surprise. There were times I was rocking back and forth in my chair, chanting obscenities. Then there were other times I flat out screamed. (Yeah. I yell while I read. I’m one of those…) Tia totally blew my mind with this PNR! I truly hope she decides to revisit the genre. Because she freakin’ dominated!


So, there’s that…
And don’t forget to add one of my paranormal romances to your TBR list as well.
You can find all those over on my “books” page.
Also, my newest PNR, “Scream in the Wind: Paranormal Peacekeepers Book 2“, comes out on October 12th. The same day “One Immortal” goes live.
So dive right on in to these paranormal reads, make a list of all the candy you’ll hijack from your kids candy stash, kick back with a glass of apple cider (or wine, if you’re so inclined. I’ll probably pop open a bottle of Moscato), and enjoy the creepy, spooky, awesomeness of the season.

That’s all for now.
Stay classy,


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