Have some bodily fluids…

coins-948603_1280So, yesterday, I walked out to the mailbox to receive my mail. Usually, this is a joyous occasion since I order a lot of things (lookin’ at you, Amazon), but on this particular visit across the road, I received a bill that had my jaw dropping.

Four months ago, my husband went to see his doctor. Just a routine visit (he has Lupus and has to make sure to keep it in check). At this visit, they took a blood sample and urine sample as they always do. And like always, I expected a $200 bill.

But no. No $200 bill. Right now, I would be THANKFUL for a $200 bill.

Yeah. Five hundred and thirty fucking two dollars.

Before insurance?

Now, let me repeat: He didn’t have an MRI or a CT scan or any fancy test like that.
They ran his blood through a machine and dipped something in a cup of his piss.
That’s it.

And that was over a grand?!?!

What the hell?!?!
First off, it pisses me off that hospitals (and pharmaceutical companies) think they can gouge everyday people that way. I hope they sleep well at night. (I know they do, because they’re probably laying on a brand new Serta mattress with five bajillion thread count sheets in a mansion in Aspen, far away from the hospital they’re heading up.)
And two, we HAVE insurance! We pay a little over a hundred bucks a week for medical insurance.
We are a family of four with one income (my income sucks, so I won’t even count that.)
And that’s just for TWO of us to be insured.
We pay them THAT MUCH MONEY and they don’t cover it when we go to the doctor?

So… if Obama hadn’t passed that pesky little law saying that you have to have insurance or you’ll be fined at the end of the year when you do your taxes… guess what we would be able to do?
That’s right. We could put that hundred bucks away and use it to pay for our medical expenses and still have some left over.
Instead, we’re paying a hundred bucks a month for insurance, and then a huge percentage of our actual bill.

Does that seem fair?
Hell no, it doesn’t.
But since when is life fair?
*gives huge middle finger to the bill sitting on my desk*

((Image Source: Pixabay))


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