Ten Reasons to Read “The Last Guy”



Reason #1: Drag queens (You can’t say no to drag queens. Seriously. You can’t. I’ve tried.)
Reason #2: Office Drama (Don’t tell me you’ve never wanted to rip the blonde highlights out of that brown nosers head in cubicle seven. Because I won’t believe you.)
Reason #3: Boob-grabbing primates. (Nope. Not even talking about dudes gettin’ handsy.)
Reason #4: Beard Burn. (Admit it. It hurts so good.)
Reason #5: Career-minded Women (C’mon. How often do we get that in adult contemporary romance these days? Not as often as I’d like.)
Reason #6: “If God had wanted us to run this early in the morning, he wouldn’t have invented pancakes.” (CAN I GET AN AMEN???)
Reason #7: Enlightened Beauty Pageant Contestants. (Is it a pageant or a “scholarship program”? Let me consult with Sandra Bullock and get back to you.)
Reason #8: The Best O’s you’ll ever read. (Not even joking, guys. This is definitely NSFW, but don’t let that stop you.)
Reason #9: Overprotective Lovers (Because we love them, even when we hate them.)
and finally…
Reason #10: “I would think going to a drag bar would be a hard limit for someone like you.” I take another sip.
“Hard limit?” His dark brow furrows and he glares down at me.
“It’s a fifty… it’s a book reference.”
His eyes drift over me. “Into that BDSM shit, Stone?”
I flush. “No.”
Silence. He’s watching me intently.
“Are you?” I ask.
His face is smooth as glass. Not one iota of an expression is there–his reporter’s mask. “For the right girl, I’d do anything.”


*fans self*
Oh yeah, guys. You want this one. You want it bad.
So get it HERE!
You can thank me later.

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